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What People Say About Us | Testimonials | The Herb Clinic

We've received some great feedback from our patients about the herbal treatments provided by Ginny Kemp and The Herb Clinic - See our Testimonials! 

The Herb Clinic Testimonials

Menopausal Flushes and Insomnia

After being prescribed HRT tablets for debilitating menopausal symptoms I decided to make an appointment to see Ginny as one final attempt to solve my worsening problems before actually having to take them! ( I was concerned about the side effects). When I saw Ginny for the first time I was exhausted from months of disturbed sleep due to night sweats. I was experiencing numerous hot flushes during the day also and was feeling generally unwell and run down. I had been taking various over the counter vitamins and herbal tablets which initially seemed to help slightly, but then did not seem to make any difference at all. Ginny was very reassuring and confident that she could help me. Within 10 days of taking the herbal medicine she prepared for me I was completely free of hot flushes during the day and by the 3 week point, all my symptoms at night had also miraculously disappeared! It was like magic! I cannot thank Ginny enough for helping me through this very difficult time. I feel very happy I did not have to resort to taking HRT where I would have had no way of knowing when my natural periods had come to an end and having to guess when to stop taking the tablets, only to have to go through menopausal symptoms again further down the line. I feel I can just get on with my busy life without the worry of wondering if I will get enough sleep to be able to function properly the next day. Thank you so much Ginny for your caring, understanding help and all your support during appointments, over the phone and via email - it is very much appreciated.
— Ann, Peterborough

Adult Eczema

I had been struggling with a bad case of Eczema for two and a half years. Previous treatments with steroid tablets and creams had given temporary relief but no permanent solution. My skin had been horribly dry for a long time and I was suffering with constant itching and irritation. Going to see Ginny was very much a “last ditch” effort as I had pretty well given up hope of finding an effective treatment. Ginny examined me and took a very thorough history of my condition. We had a wide ranging discussion about lifestyle and diet that was far more detailed than I’d experienced with any of the other therapists and medical professionals I had been to see. She was able to give me a lot of practical advice on managing the condition. At the first visit she prepared some skin cream and herbal medicine for me to take away and start using. In the beginning, my progress was erratic, I would have good weeks and bad weeks, but over time my skin quality gradually improved and the irritation diminished. After three months I would say that I was 90% better. After 4 months 99% better. The skin irritation that had been a constant part of my daily life for all that time has now gone. The relief and improvement in my quality of life is immeasurable. I am continuing the treatment with longer intervals between appointments to see off the last vestiges of the Eczema and to maintain my good health for the future. I would recommend Ginny’s approach to anybody with a similar problem
— David H

Herbal Medicine for Children’s Health

I originally contacted Ginny in 2009 about my, then 2yr old, daughter’s continued problems with ear infections and Glue Ear.
I was keen to explore alternative treatments alongside the conventional medicines prescribed by our GP and other medical practitioners but, following rapid improvements in H’s condition, didn’t need to follow up with any treatment.
Six months later I called upon Ginny’s expertise and support to help with H’s general immunity. Ginny worked with me for two years providing herbal medicines and lotions specific to H’s changing needs. Her approach was professional, positive and completely holistic with treatment aimed at the root cause of H’s health problems rather than just addressing the symptoms.
With Ginny’s background of Medical Science and Herbal Medicine I was confident that I would get a balanced view of how to treat H’s weakened immune system and the medicines and lotions prescribed were easy to administer and didn’t cause any stress to H.
The work Ginny did with H proved so successful that, in the three years since, H has been ill maybe a couple of times at the most with very mild ‘everyday’ illnesses.
Three years later I have called upon Ginny for help again and will continue to do so whenever the need arises. H and I have a wonderful relationship with her and know that she will provide us with the right support for our health needs.
— Sam, Wakefield

Acid Reflux and Laryngitis

I first started my Herbal Treatment with Ginny after suffering from frequent laryngitis, voice loss and consistent acid reflux. Ginny’s advice, explanation and recommendations made it easier to change my eating and drinking habits which were affecting my reflux and inflammation and as a result my vocal difficulties,
3 months of herbal medicine helped to soothe my throat and really helped my digestion. I have managed to start the new year with healthier vocal cords and a more resilient digestive system! Now I don’t worry about packing stomach tablets and heartburn remedies in my bag - I’m hoping my acid reflux and vocal loss is now a thing of the past!

Thank you for all your help and guidance Ginny - glad to have my voice back.
— Lisa, Speech Therapist, Leeds.

Hormones,  Stress,  Sleep, Infections & General Well-being.

I became one of Ginny’s patients in April 2008. Having consulted licensed practitioners in Herbal Medicine before overseas and having experienced the benefits of Medical Herbalism along with the much needed holistic approach the Herbalist can provide, I was extremely fortunate in finding Ginny and have the pleasure of being one of her patients.

At that time, I wanted to find a registered, licensed practising Herbalist that I could trust; one who had the expertise to help get me back to good health again and who could suggest ways to sustain lifestyle and nutritional improvement changes as well. Ginny brings all that and more. When I need advice on my health matters which range from URTs (upper respiratory track / immunity), or hormone related women’s health, stress, issues with sleep patterns or general continued wellbeing, I know that I can put my faith and rely on Ginny for this.

I still use Ginny as my Herbalist even now that I am living overseas! Ginny is always available to me by phone or email; my consults with her are two- way and I always know what herbs she prescribes, how to take them and what function they play in healing whatever my ailment might be. Ginny sources the best herbal ingredients to make me my personalised tinctures that work so effectively at maintaining my health levels, that are cleansing and purifying and assist my healing processes naturally. I highly recommend Ginny to patients seeking a caring, knowledgeable, professional and experienced Medical Herbalist. After all, I should know after seven years of dealing with her!
— Brigitte, North America


To say that Ginny has made a massive difference to my family’s life is an understatement.
My 6 year old son was unable to sleep independently, was sick every night, not sleeping without a light on in his room, and his school work was suffering terribly. Not only that, but I too, was struggling to get sleep, and really was at the end of my tether.
His sleeping had always been a little rubbish, but knowing that he was so anxious, and that at 6, he should be sleeping alone and for at least ten hours, I was worried.
After several months of sleeping on the landing, begging my six year old son to sleep in his own bed, and watching his deep anxiety at sleeping without me right next to him, I was advised to visit Ginny.
Ginny prescribed both he and I some medicine.
Within 24 hours, my son had slept through in his own bed.
Two weeks on, and he was only being sick or crying once a week.
Two months on, and he is a different child. His school work has improved immeasurably, he actually asks to go to bed, and he point blank refuses to have a light anywhere near him at sleep time.
Thank you, Ginny. You have made one little boy so, so proud of himself, and one mummy much calmer and rested. I know fine well that I couldn’t have done it without you, and am so greatful for your encouragement and positive bolstering, when I really needed it!
— Sonja, Leicestershire


I have been seeing Ginny since 2010 when I was aged 59 and suffering from high blood pressure, exacerbated by work-related stress. Within just three weeks of starting to take my herbal prescription, there was a significant improvement. This continued consistently over the following months, until the readings had fallen to completely normal, healthy levels - all without a single blood pressure tablet or any other form of medication! I am now 63 and still have a fairly stressful job, but I have no sign of high blood pressure.

Over the past four years I have consulted Ginny for other conditions and she has been able to help in all cases. This has included the persistent excess of nasal mucus, for which I tried various remedies including sinus rinsing - not a pleasant experience! I should have consulted Ginny sooner because, with a small addition to my regular medication, the problem disappeared completely within just a few days.

That is the other brilliant thing - instead of having to take pills for this, that and the other throughout the day, I only have a single medicine to remember that is completely bespoke to me. I have never had a single side effect! From time to time, I do suffer from the dreaded 4am “wake-and-worry”, so I simply take Ginny’s relaxing sleep mixture and my normal sleep pattern soon returns.

Thank you for all your help, including your good advice to take a little gentle exercise to establish a better wellbeing pattern - you have made a huge difference to my life.
— SE, Leicester


Having suffered with PMT and irregular periods for the past 20 years I very much hoped that seeing a Herbalist would be able to help me, but was not 100% certain it would. I need not have worried, within the first month of taking the herbs my periods became regular and each month the PMT lessened. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ginny, she is very professional and caring and will help you until the problem is solved.
— A, Lincolnshire

Bereavement, Menopause & Exhaustion

A working diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, exhaustion and a feeling of constant nausea alongside menopausal symptoms meant that I was not well. For an otherwise tenacious and hard working person I felt both fearful and vulnerable in equal measure. Adding to this mix was the fallout from a traumatic bereavement, please don’t under estimate the toll grief can have on your well-being.  I struggled to find a path through this crisis of ill health. Ginny’s medical background, her knowledge and intelligence combined with a compassionate and empathic approach gave me the confidence to know that I was in safe hands for re-building and strengthening of my inner resources.
— Sarah Lyon, Stamford

A Family Herbalist

I approached Ginny for help with an issue that I had tried for years to address. Unsightly fluid retention and headaches plagued me and affected my self esteem. Ginny worked with me and over the next weeks and months providing me with a medicine specific to my needs.  The progress was incredible and I have never looked back.
Over time I have sought help from Ginny to help overcome anxiety and she has got my menopause symptoms under control.
As a family we always turn to Ginny for help and support whenever we have the need to. She is so knowledgeable, caring and thorough - a true professional and has made a huge difference to my life.


I came to see Ginny about 9 months ago with anxiety and palpitations and heart fluttering and since I took the medication it has certainly reduced my problems. Ginny has given me back my confidence and reassured me about my condition and made me realise I do not have any serious problems. She is very thorough with her care and listening to me
— Meg, Lincolnshire

Digestive problems & Food Intolerance, Blood pressure, Menopause, Lowered Immunity & Sinus Congestion

I have been a patient of Ginny’s for a number of years. I started going to her with digestive problems and work related stress.
I am quite a nervous person when it comes to doctors but Ginny was able to put me at my ease at once by her kind and caring manner. She has the time to talk to you and find out why your symptoms are happening. I have always had a thorough examination when visiting her. The medicine she gave me helped within a few weeks.
Over the years I have gone to Ginny with a range of health issues including sinus problems, high blood pressure and a variety of menopause issues. I’ve had a variety of tests done by her including cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. Ginny can also prescribe preventative treatments as well.  I used to get a lot of colds and viruses. Ginny has given me a cold and flu remedy which I take all year round. I’m pleased to say I don’t get as many colds as I did.
I like the fact that Ginny can give me herbs in one medicine for more than one ailment and I have never had any side effects.
Recently on Ginny’s advice I’ve had a food intolerance test and discovered I have intolerances to wheat, cows’ milk and yeast. Since eliminating these from my diet I have felt so much better.
I like the fact that I can consult Ginny in surgery, by phone consultation and email so she can be kept up to date with my progress and make any adjustments to my medication if necessary.
I can’t thank Ginny enough for everything she does for me.  I know that my health has been greatly improved due to her excellent care. I recommend her to all my friends.
— Ann, Coventry

Adrenal Fatigue & Depression

Six years ago a work related burnout changed my life. I was depressed, emotionally fragile and stressed. My blood pressure was raised, I had gained weight and found that I couldn’t stay awake in the day nor sleep at night - each day was a struggle to carry on. After a long period away from work I was able to return to work as a Baptist church minister with help of my GP and the mental health team in Peterborough. Though this support really helped I realised that I was unlikely, after five years, to improve further and at the suggestion of one of my daughters I thought I would try something different. My daughter, Hannah, had heard Ginny speak to a group previously and was impressed by the way she worked and what she said about the place and effectiveness of Medical Herbalism in treatment.

I had no idea what a Medical Herbalist was or what one might suggest - all I knew was that I had hit some kind of glass ceiling and needed to try something new. The saying “You don’t get different results by doing the same things” kept ringing in my head. So with this thought in mind I had my first consultation in January 2016.

I found that Ginny gave me time and hope on that first consultation - I needed both. Over the next few months Ginny suggested a plan to work on different aspects of my condition. Improvement was not immediate, but through her skillful advice, and her compassionate and human response to my situation, she built a treatment plan that started to yield results after a few weeks. I began to feel better and today, after six months of treatment, I’m much improved though with some way still to go.

Ginny’s treatment plan works with that of my GP and the mental health team and is able to build on its contributions to my improving health. I feel I still have some way to go to find ‘my full wellness’ but I am pleased to say that her expertise will help many people especially if like me, you too have hit that glass ceiling.
— R Parkes, Peterborough