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Holiday Herbal First Aid Kit | The Herb Clinic

Ginny Kemp

I love this picture of a ‘Herbal First Aid Kit’, so much so that it has inspired me to write this blog and just in time for the summer holidays!

Why not pack an herbal first aid kit to take on your travels so that you don’t have to suffer through minor ailments while you are away, or rely on the stocks at a holiday pharmacy? There is the added bonus of healing yourself and your family naturally too!

What you decide to put in an herbal first aid kit is going to be guided by where you are going, who with and what you will be doing when you get there as well as the things that you may be prone to while you’re away; do you struggle to sleep? are you prone to tummy bugs? Are you taking little people who are prone to bumps, scratches and possibly sunburn?  OR maybe you aren’t going anywhere, and you’d like an herbal first aid kit at home.

Well, here are some suggestions to get you started, then you can customize as you like! If there’s something not covered below that you’d like more information about, just email and ask, I’d be happy to help….


For bruises, swellings, aches and pains.

For bruises, swellings, aches and pains.

Arnica cream- for bruises and joint aches and pains (not to be used on broken skin)

Calendula cream-to help heal skin cuts and grazes and soothe sunburn.

Tea tree essential oil- A powerful anti-septic that can be mixed in with a little calendula cream and applied to cuts, grazes, stings and bites. It can also be applied neat to toenails to treat fungal infections or to spots.

Chamomile tea bags-  A must for a first aid kit! Drink a several cups a day to ease stomach upsets or a cup before bed to help relax.  For eye inflammation, make half a cup per teabag, allow to cool and use to bathe the eye (repeat several times a day). For skin inflammation, put a couple of bags in the bath, or use a cooled cup of tea as a lotion or spray to apply to the skin.

Psyllium husk powder- can help to regulate the bowels if you suffer with constipation or diarrhoea whilst away. One heaped teaspoon once or twice daily in water. Don’t forget to keep well hydrated.

Ginger for travel sickness and nausea

Ginger for travel sickness and nausea

Ginger drops/tea/sweets for travel sickness- take before travel and during as needed.

Valerian tincture can be useful if you struggle to sleep whilst you are away from home.

Natural Insect repellent such as Incogneto (, or if you’d like to make your own there are some ideas here . I’d recommend seeking further advice if you are going to an area affected by serious mosquito borne diseases as a stronger commercial product is likely to be necessary.

Once you’ve set up your herbal first aid kit I’m confident that you’ll keep one for life and expand it as you find the things that work for you and your family.

Have happy, healthy safe travels!