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5 Tips For Better Bathing Eczema | The Herb Clinic

Ginny Kemp

Bathing the wrong way can further aggravate sore, inflamed skin. Follow these 5 tips for a more comfortable bathing experience and to help lock moisture into the skin.

1)    Have the water luke warm and avoid using harsh soap/detergent/fragranced products as these will strip moisture from the skin. 

2)    Add Oats to the bath as a skin nutritive. Put a handful of porridge oats into a muslin/thin sock or stocking  and hang it under the hot tap while the bath is running so that the water turns milky. You can then use the porridge bag to cleanse the skin gently if you like.

3)    A chamomile tea bag dropped into the bath when its running could also help as its anti-inflammatory and anti-infective.

4)   When you get out pat the skin gently to dry rather than rubbing it, then quickly onto tip 5……

5)    Put a moisturiser on as soon as you get out of the bath to lock in moisture. Lots of my Eczema patients find the Aveeno products great as a general moisturiser, where Herbal creams are applied to the patches of Eczema themselves.